injury is: Danijel Levatic

INJURY was formed by Danijel Levatic (lyrics, vocals & samples) and Jurica Majnaric (programming) in late 1994. in Varazdin (Croatia) with purpose to experiment with electronic & industrial sounds and noises. Latter in summer of 1995. the first song for the forthcoming material was finished. The name of the song “Mass Murder In The Land Of Terror”. For this track INJURY recorded a black & white video clip, on well known Varazdin cemetery in collaboration with VTV (Varazdin TV station). “Mass Murder In The Land Of Terror” video was presented to the audience for the first time on the underground party “Fisia” in club EX (Varazdin) on the 20. January 1996. and than later on VTV (Varazdin) and on the national TV station HTV (Zagreb) in the alternative music show "Izvan struje". The song has been presented on some radio stations across Croatia and was sent to New Jersey / New York (USA) Radio WRPR - 90.3 MHz, and has been airplayed in a show called “From the other side” and in France on Radio Station AGORA 94 FM in the very popular Doctor Avalance Radioshow. In Croatia “Mass Murder In The Land Of Terror” reached number 8. on the radio show “Alter Indie Chart” (Top 30) of the famous Croatian Radio station “101” (Zagreb). At that time INJURY was better received than some big names like: Garbage, Lush, Radiohead, Ministry & Smashing Pumpkins.

Late in 1996. the material for promo tape was finished. Eight dark electro/industrial songs, each one with the different story. In the music, INJURY combines dark electronics with industrial sounds and distortions. With this kind of approach INJURY try to express their visions of the dark, cruel and brutal world that we live in. Themes that are used in songs deal with dark sides of society, morbid people’s minds, people’s fears, ... Promo tape was sent to some labels in USA, Germany and to famous Belgian Side Line Magazine. In the tape section of the magazine INJURY received good critics and a good score (7 out of 10 points).

In 1997. after some contacts with people from different labels, INJURY signed contracts with two of them: ORA MUSIC (USA) and SOUNDBUSTER (Germany) to participate on the compilations SONOLOGIE ONE (ORA Music) - released in 1998 and TOMORROW NEVER CAME III (Soundbuster) - released in August 1998.

Also in 1997. Danijel established a good collaboration with Strategy from the famous Austrian electro formation TRYLOK and that was the beginning of the project called TRYLOK vs. INJURY. From this collaboration project a song “Guardian Angel” was born. Danijel wrote lyrics and Strategy did vocals and composed music. “Guardian Angel” appeared on 3 compilation CD-s in USA, Germany and Canada and it is included on the debute STRATEGY album "INTENSE" released in March '99.

In 1998. Jurica Majnaric left the project, so INJURY is since then, one man project.

The song “Mass Murder In The Land Of Terror” was sent to well known German band FUNKER VOGT for remix. After this remix was finished an idea about remix project was born. Collaboration was established with some other great electro / industrial names for a contribution to this upcoming remix project.

At the moment INJURY is concentrated in this remix project, which will include great electro / industrial names like: Funker Vogt, Flesh Field, Aghast View, Decoded Feedback, Trylok, Pulse Legion, Holocaust Theory, Drunkness, Frontrunner, Dead Jump and Cable Bends Steel. For more informations about remix project go to remixes.

In August 2003. Injury signed with young american label BLC Productions. Debut album Scars From The Past is released in November 2003.

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